We Reached 25K Downloads!

Hello there,

We did it, we reached 25K downloads of a short game about social anxiety and I’m pretty well stoked!!

This would not and could not have been done without you. People have been primarily learning about the game through word of mouth and that’s been the most humbling aspect of all. That you have take the time to play, to share this with your own social circles–well, it means a lot. I’ve probably said that many times in these updates, but it never stops being true. So thank you. Thanks for your words, your kindness, and your support.


Also, I recently did a podcast which I haven’t listened to yet because I’m afraid of hearing my own voice–ever since a pair of truckers told me I sounded like a little boy on a CB radio back in 1996–but if you are interested in hearing more about the game I’ve included the link: A Momentary Pause.

What’s next?

If there are improvements you’d like to see or anything else you’d enjoy, please let me know. Expect another announcement mid-next week! In the interim, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Please feel free to reach out to me here Steam or on Twitter should any of you ever need or fancy a chat @missafayres.